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Leo Fandango - a unique poet and Argentine Tango dancer

Samples of Leo’s poetry can be read below…

“Art is the making of a feeling that does not give up, that does not fade, that struggles. Without these discomforts it is often only superficiality, only smoke that is not even black, it is often only the softness of passion”

“Love is the one that remains across borders, across languages, across impossibility, even across existence, because in loving the vehicle that transports the world remains centred”


“The pressure of gravity produces a numbness in the action, which, cornered, mutates wildly like lightning”

Leo is a poet from Buenos Aires. Widely read in literature and all the great philosophers, his poetry is charismatic and seeks to express the feelings that many of us find so hard to express.

Having written poetry all his life, his book  ‘Palabras de Tango’ was published in English in 2013. It drew on his experiences as someone newly arrived in the UK, seeking a better life. He writes about his feelings of leaving his family behind and his struggle to adapt to a western life with the only thing left to him - his love of Tango.

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